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Male breast reduction

Male breast over-development, or gynaecomastia, is generally a bilateral (both sides) and symmetrical anatomical abnormality of male breast maturation.

Occasionally due to endocrine hormone abnormalities, the process most often occurs with no apparent cause in adolescent or fully mature males. Obesity may be a contributing factor, but equally often the problem is simply due to undesirable pectoral fat storage and some element of glandular tissue enlargement in the male breast.

Gynaecomastia affects an estimated 40 to 60 percent of men. It may affect only one breast or both. For men who feel self-conscious about their appearance, breast reduction surgery can help.

During this treatment, excess fat is either removed with liposuction alone or via a combination approach involving direct excision and liposuction. In the latter, a scar is hidden around the perimeter of the areola. Results are long lasting and natural-looking.

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Key Points

• Privately Insured $5000 – $6000
• No Insurance $7500 – $8500

Performed under General Anaesthetic in hospital

Overnight stay

Compression garment 6 weeks, bruising and swelling for two weeks

Yes – Medicare Item No. 31525 x 2 (if bilateral)

Ultrasound is required prior to consultation to confirm presence of gynaecomastia

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Dr Nicholas Moncrieff

“Often the source of embarrassment for our male patients, this is a solution that can significantly boost confidence. For those men suffering from an excess of fat, rather than true gynaecomastia which is caused by breast tissue, our non-surgical option of CoolSculpting may be preferred.”