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Breast reduction

Are your large breasts causing you embarrassment, breathing problems, neck pain and back pain? Surgery with Dr Moncrieff, who has performed over 1000 breast reductions in Newcastle, may offer a solution.

During breast reduction plastic surgery, fat, glandular tissue, and skin are removed from the breasts. This results in smaller, lighter, higher and possibly firmer breasts. Breast reduction will help a woman’s breasts become more proportionate with the rest of her body.

‘Try before you buy’ with a $50 Vectra 3D photo simulation 

You can also choose to experience our 3D simulator, Vectra, to get an idea of what your options are based on your own body. Many patients love this service because it gives them a sense of what’s possible before committing to a consultation with Dr Moncrieff and it provides faster access to last minute appointments if you do proceed. This service is ideal for small to moderate reduction patients. For very large breasts the simulation is less accurate but the appointment is an opportunity to talk to Jessica about the surgical process, costs and review of previous patient case studies.

Book a Vectra simulation now – book online here.

Discover more about breast reductions, including information on costs, hospital arrangements and recovery by scrolling down. You may also view a 3D animation of the procedure below.

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Key Points

A range of our breast reduction results are in the gallery, but here are some of the recent photos we have published on social media with nipples covered to avoid Google listing this page lower in searches.
* Results may vary from patient to patient

Breast reduction and lift before and after by Dr Nicholas Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery - 21 yr old patient 4 months post surgery (1) - Copy Breast reduction and lift before and after by Dr Nicholas Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery - 23 yr old patient 4 months post surgery - Copy
Breast reduction and lift before and after by Dr Nicholas Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery - 51yr old patient 5 months post surgery - CopyBreast reduction and lift before and after by Dr Nicholas Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery - 62 yr old patient 4 months post surgery - Copy
* Results may vary from patient to patient

$11,400 for a privately insured patient seeking a standard reduction or from $12,400 when combined with liposuction which takes additional theatre time (generally for larger body types). This is the total out of pocket cost, including surgeon’s fee, hospital, garment, anaesthetist and after care.

Patients must be able to demonstrate clinical need, including neck, shoulder and back pain and/or chronic skin irritation. It is worth discussing these symptoms with your GP to ensure that the clinical need is documented in your referral for surgery.

For patients without insurance, total out of pocket fees start at $17,000. These fees include the surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist’s fee, hospital stay and garment.

More FAQs about reduction costs are on our blog here.


Are you with NIB?

For patients insured with NIB, please note they are advising a number of their patients that they will not guarantee cover until after the operation to ensure it was truly non-cosmetic. NIB patients should simply ensure they confirm that their level of cover includes the item number 45523, as Dr Moncrieff only quotes this number when he believes a patient has the clinical need required for that Medicare number and therefore meet the standards required if you have cover for breast reductions. You may also consider changing funds and this article may assist.


We understand that surgery is a serious investment. To help you understand your payment options you may like to read our dedicated article here.

Performed under General Anaesthetic in hospital

Generally a one night stay in hospital. However, smaller reductions may be performed as day surgery and very large reductions may require 2 nights in hospital.

We recommend two weeks off work (more if your role is very physical). You will wear a garment (like a soft bra) for 6 weeks and have bruising and swelling for two weeks

Yes, Medicare Item Number: 45523. See note above in the costs section re need to demonstrate clinical need for insured patients.

We understand there is a limited budget in NSW public training hospitals for public breast reductions. To find out more, please visit our blog on this topic here.

Breast reduction surgery has come a long way over recent times. Hunter Plastic Surgery specialises in short-scar vertical breast reductions which allow for a volume reduction, reshaping of the breast, nipple/areola reduction and breast lift all in the one operation. This is achieved with only a short vertical scar which is significantly smaller than the conventional anchor or T-Incision technique. The T-Incision technique is reserved only for those with extraordinarily large breasts and great excess of skin.

For more information on breast reduction, please see our narrated 3D Animation below. The Animation takes a few moments to upload so please be patient as it is worth the short delay. You can also print a copy of the procedure summary while in the Animation menu.

Many of our patients are happy to share their experiences. You can discover more about their journeys in a variety of ways, which we have outlined here.

Dr Moncrieff recently hosted a Facebook Live session to answer all the frequently asked questions from patients about breast reductions and lifts. He covers how the procedure is performed, recovery, case studies of previous patients, Medicare rebates and much more. View the recorded video here.

Why is Hunter Plastic Surgery your best choice for a breast reduction?

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Dr Nicholas Moncrieff

“The most common comment I hear after performing a breast reductions operation is, "I wish I'd done this 10 years ago." Don't wait to feel better, reduce pain and get back to the activities you love!”