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Breast implant replacement

There are a number of reasons women seek this procedure with Dr Moncrieff – sometimes older breast implants have become hard (called capsular contraction) or they are no longer the right size for the women after changes in weight or pregnancy.

Or they have been disappointed by surgery performed elsewhere, and now want a Specialist Plastic Surgeon to review and revise their surgery. Unfortunately this includes patients who have chosen cheap surgery with cosmetic surgeons, both locally and outside the region.

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Key Points

We are seeing more and more implant replacement patients and have them in the gallery here.

Here are some recent examples: the nipples are blurred as required by Google for this page to appear in searches but you can see them without the stars in the gallery.

Example: This woman only had her previous round implants in for only 3 years from surgery elsewhere but they had dropped. Dr Moncrieff removed them, performed a surgical lift and used new 295cc anatomical implants to give a lifted but natural looking result.

Breast implant revision before and after by Dr Nicholas Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery - 47 yr old patient 8 months post surgery 295cc anatomical implants censored

Example 2: This woman had significant breast asymmetry since puberty and previously had the smaller breast augmented to make her breasts more even. With the passage of time, her breast without the implant had sagged. Dr Moncrieff removed the existing implant and replaced it with a new one. He also lifted her other breast and used a 440cc implant to ensure both breasts were even.

Breast implant revision before and after by Dr Nicholas Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery - 31 yr old patient 6 months post surgery 440cc anatomical implant

* Results may vary from patient to patient

Removal and replacement

Due to Medicare changes in late 2018, the vast majority of implant removal and replacements cost from $18,000 total out of pocket costs, even if there is a medical need for the replacement.

This is because they will not attract a Medicare item number or health fund rebates. This cost is inclusive of the surgeon’s fee, implants, hospital stay, garment and anaesthetist’s fee and does vary upward depending on complexity due to additional time being required in the operating theatre for complex cases.

Removal with lift – no new implant 

Dr Moncrieff generally does not recommend a removal without lift because the skin and tissue will usually be too stretched to retract and the result is not cosmetically pleasing and can lead to chronic skin irritation under the lax breast tissue.

A removal with a surgical lift is from $16,000 total out of pocket for an insured patient. This is inclusive of the surgeon’s fee, hospital stay, garment and anaesthetist’s fee.

To see more about what’s involved in a surgical lift, please visit our lift page: https://www.hunterplasticsurgery.com.au/procedures/breast-lift/

A lift is a more complex and time consuming surgery that a replacement of an implant, so takes more time in theatre. This results in the extra fees for the hospital, surgeon, anaesthetist, etc.

Removal only 

In some cases, generally for smaller implants which have only been in a short time, it is possible to remove implants and not lift the remaining skin. This ranges from $6,500 – $10,000 depending on insurance coverage and complexity of the removal.

Exceptional cases – rebate from Medicare

In a limited number of cases, Medicare will provide a small rebate after your surgery which may result in a refund of some of the hospital and other expenses incurred if you have private health insurance. It relies on photographic evidence taken during the operation to demonstrate deformity if the implant is not replaced in cases of medical need. Please contact us if you would like more details.


Performed under General Anaesthetic in hospital

Overnight stay

One week off work, garment/bra for 6 weeks

Yes, Medicare Item Numbers – 45551 – removal only

Item numbers are 45552/45553/45554 for removal and replacement (depending on clinical reason for removal and can only be claimed in limited circumstances after full payment and the surgery has taken place)

We do not see patients within 6 months following surgery elsewhere. This is because the original doctor is required by law to provide post-operative care and surgery takes time to settle. We also have no insight into exactly how the surgery has been performed, the implants used and infection control employed so we can’t have a full insight into how patients from other clinics should be managed in the post operative phase, unlike our own patients.

If you remain unhappy about your results after 6 months and you have been unable to get a agreed path forward with your original doctor, then we recommend you see your GP for a referral to us and also a referral for an ultrasound before you see us.

If you are experiencing a serious complication from surgery elsewhere such as an infection or wound breakdown, you should contact that clinic urgently. You should also consider presenting at emergency or your GP if you are unable to get in contact with that clinic.

Dr Nicholas Moncrieff

“Most women will need at least one replacement surgery during their lifetime with breast implants. I perform a large number of replacements of implants inserted by other surgeons, including for changes in size, changes in a woman's body over time or concerns about placement. Unfortunately the number of patients coming to me due to poor surgical outcomes from the 'cheap clinics' has exploded in recent years so I can only say women should do their homework before choosing a surgeon. ”