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Your Procedure

Where will I be treated?

Dr Moncrieff currently books operations in Charlestown Private Hospital, Lingard Private Hospital and Warners Bay Private Hospital.

How to I prepare for surgery?

Once you decide that surgery is for you, we will tell you what to expect from the surgery and develop an individualised treatment plan for your procedure and post-operative period. Preparing both physically and psychologically for the surgery are important steps to a successful outcome. Understanding the process and your role in it, will help you recover more quickly and reduce the risk of complications.

Before surgery, Dr Moncrieff will order any relevant investigations (such as blood tests or X-Rays). Please advise him of any medications you are taking and any previous illnesses or operations you have had in the past. A complete list of drugs which should be avoided or suspended before operation is available. Smoking is always a problem in plastic surgery as it is toxic and stops the blood flow required for healing. You must advise Dr Moncrieff of your smoking history and discuss a period of abstinence before and after your surgery.

Where can I find pre and post op instructions?

Please ensure you obtain a full list of pre and post operative care instructions from Hunter Plastic Surgery before your procedure. The Dr Moncrieff’s skill and expertise is important to a good outcome, but the care you provide yourself leading up to and following a procedure is vital to achieving the best results.