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We appreciate that you have a number of choices when it comes to plastic and cosmetic surgery. But not all surgeons and practices are the same and we are increasingly seeing patients who have had “cheap” surgery elsewhere and then come to us with serious complications which those “cheap” operators won’t, or can’t, fix. Invariably these patients say they wish they had done more research and come to us in the first instance! Here are the important differences that make Dr Nicholas Moncrieff and the Hunter Plastic Surgery team 5 star.


* Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Moncrieff is an Australian-qualified Plastic Surgeon. He completed 17 years of medical and surgical training, including 5 years specialising in Plastic Surgery, before establishing Hunter Plastic Surgery in 2009. Dr Moncrieff uses the latest techniques mastered throughout his career, including over 20,000 procedures performed in Newcastle.

You may hear people calling themselves “cosmetic surgeons” – please note this does not mean they have completed the extensive training required of Plastic Surgeons. There are no consistent and recognised qualifications beyond a medical degree that is required by the Government of people calling themselves “cosmetic surgeons” so you should look closely at the qualifications of the person you are considering to perform your surgery. You can check the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeon’s register if you are unsure as all Plastic Surgeons operating in the Hunter are listed. If the person you are considering in this region is not on this list, they are not a genuine Specialist Plastic Surgeon.


* Breast and body experts

Dr Moncrieff and our team focus exclusively on making women look and feel great by providing breast and body plastic surgery. We also offer the leading non-surgical options in the world. Focus equals mastery.


* Resident of Newcastle

Dr Moncrieff lives in Newcastle and is available for our patients should the need arise. Unfortunately not everyone operating in Newcastle has made the same commitment so may be hundreds of kilometres away when they are needed.


* Award winning patient care

Our service is multi-award winning. These include the 2017 and 2016 Lake Macquarie Business Excellence Awards for Customer Service, the 2015 Hunter Business Chamber Award for Customer Service and the 2015 MyFaceMyBody award for the Best Practice Team in Australia. These are recognition of the focus we have on patient care, from the first phone call to the final post operative visit and beyond. This commitment to service is also why over 99% of our previous patients say they would recommend us to others.


* Upfront about costs

Hunter Plastic Surgery is the only plastic surgery practice in the Hunter which publishes price guides to all the most common cosmetic procedures on our website to ensure patients understand the likely costs before they commit their valuable time and money to a consultation. Every patient receives a full personalised quote before any procedure.