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Breast augmentation


Have your breasts changed over time and after children? Or perhaps they just never developed how you might have wished?

Breast augmentation with Dr Moncrieff may be the answer. He has performed over 1000 breast augmentations in Newcastle since 2009, so he has extensive experience helping women feel great about themselves.

During your consultation Dr Moncrieff will discuss the breast augmentation procedure in more detail, including breast implant placement, types of breast implant used, desired breast size, and your goals and expectations for the procedure.

‘Try before you buy’ with our $50 Vectra 3D photo appointment

You can also choose to experience our 3D simulator, Vectra, to get an idea of what your options are based on your own body. Many patients love this service because it gives them a much better idea of sizing and placement than simply putting sizing implants in a bra can! And you can book a Vectra session with our Practice Manager, Jessica, for just $50 which is rebated against your consultation with Dr Moncrieff if you decide to continue exploring if the surgery is right for you.

See a video of what the simulation looks like here: click for Vectra video.

Discover more about breast augmentation (also known by the medical term of augmentation mammoplasty), including information on costs, hospital arrangements, recovery and a 3D animation of the procedure by scrolling down.

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Key Points

A range of results are available in the gallery, but here are some of our most recent patient transformations we have shared on social media. The star coverings are to ensure Google still allows this page to show in searches but the gallery has the full photos.

* Results may vary from patient to patient

Breast augmentation before and after by Dr Nicholas Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery - 21 yr old patient 4 months post surgery 295cc anatomical

Breast augmentation before and after by Dr Moncrieff - 29 yr old patient 4 months post surgery 375cc anatomical implants and inverted nipple repair

Breast augmentation before and after by Dr Moncrieff - 38 yr old patient 4 months post surgery 390cc anatomical implants - scarless lift

Breast augmentation before and after by Dr Moncrieff - 39 yr old patient 4 months post surgery 420cc anatomical implants

* Results may vary from patient to patient

The total cost is $10,500. This is inclusive of the surgeon’s fee, leading-brand round implants, hospital day stay, garment, anaesthetist’s fee and follow up visits.

A range of other options including longer hospital stays and implant shapes are also available at additional cost. For example, anatomical implants are more expensive, adding around $600 to the price above.

We are unfortunately seeing a significant increase in patients coming from cheap cosmetic surgery clinics who have been disappointed by their experience and surgical outcome. While we are happy to assist by revising their breasts, the costs significantly outweigh the cost of having it done by expert Plastic Surgeons like Dr Moncrieff in the first place. Make sure you are making an informed choice about the expertise and commitment to follow up care before you consent to any surgery, including breast augmentation. More information about choosing the right surgeon is here.

Performed under General Anaesthetic in hospital.

Day or overnight stay.

We recommend one to two weeks off work and a garment (which is like a soft, supportive bra for 6 weeks). Depending on the type of work you do, you may be more comfortable with a longer recovery time.

Note that some doctors will tell you that you can “recover in as little as 24 hours” – this is very misleading as the best results require you to relax and focus on healing – not getting back to normal activities in a day! Beware anyone who is more interested in getting you to book an operation than the reality of life after it.

Breast augmentation with an incision directly under the breast is the technique used by Dr Moncrieff for breast enlargement surgery. This is because the breast implant can be positioned most accurately into its pocket using this method and any form of implant can be used including the anatomical (tear-drop) range.

The breast implant itself may be placed under the pectoralis muscle, under the breast tissue or a combination of both in the ‘dual plane’ technique. Indeed, the ‘dual plane’ technique of implant placement yields some of the best results possible in breast augmentation surgery. The scar involved usually heals to an almost imperceptible line.

For more information on the breast augmentation procedure, please see our narrated 3D Animation below. The Animation takes a few moments to upload so please be patient as it is worth the short delay. You can also print a copy of the procedure summary while in the Animation menu.

Yes, Dr Moncrieff regular assists women with tuberous (cone shaped) breasts.

Many women don’t even realise they have “tuberous” breasts until they see us. So what is the condition?

It is more than just having small or underdeveloped breasts.

Truly tuberous breasts can appear in many forms – with impacts on appearance of the breast from mild to severe. Typically we see enlarged and puffy areola, wide space between the breasts, a small amount of breast tissue (even in larger woman), a high breast fold and a conical breast shape.

It can also impact on the ability to breast feed.

A “simple” breast augmentation won’t solve this problem. Dr Moncrieff often has to release the areola and uses an anatomical (tear drop) shaped implant to give the breast a more normal shape. In some cases he also uses fat transfer to give the implant enough coverage.

To explore more, you might consider booking a Vectra 3D photo simulation. It is just $50 which comes off the cost of a consultation with Dr Moncrieff if you wish to proceed.

Call 4920 7700 to book or send us a message below to secure your appointment.

Breast augmentation before and after by Dr Nicholas Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery - 23 yr old patient 4 months post surgery 375cc tuberous breasts (angle)Breast augmentation before and after by Dr Nicholas Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery - 23 yr old patient 4 months post surgery 375cc tuberous breasts (side)

There are a number of reasons women seek breast implant replacement with Dr Moncrieff – sometimes older breast implants don’t look as good as the patient’s body has changed with large weight fluctuations, multiple pregnancies or the passage of the years.

Or the woman has been disappointed by surgery performed elsewhere, and now want an expert Plastic Surgeon to review and revise their surgery. Unfortunately this includes patients who have chosen cheap surgery with cosmetic surgeons, both locally and outside the region.

Discover more, including information on costs, hospital arrangements and recovery by visiting our dedicated page here.

Many of our patients are happy to share their experiences. You can discover more about their journeys in a variety of ways, which we have outlined here.

Why is Hunter Plastic Surgery your best choice for breast augmentation?

Dr Moncrieff and our team not only provide award winning service but are upfront about costs. Learn more about how we stand out from the crowd.

Dr Nicholas Moncrieff

“Whether it is to restore volume after children or give natural looking curves when nature hasn't provided, breast implants are often a life-changing choice. The difference at Hunter Plastic Surgery, is that we have the expertise to customise a solution that is right for you, with a focus on safety and follow-up care. ”