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Body lifts

Have you lost a significant amount of weight, perhaps after bariatric surgery, and now have an excess of loose, sagging skin that doesn’t tighten on its own?

Such skin can detract from the aesthetic appearance of the weight loss and present functional challenges such as chronic skin conditions.  That can be pretty disappointing to a person who has worked hard to lose weight!

A combination of body lift procedures can help finish off your weight loss journey. The main elements include a lower body lift which is an extension of a tummy tuck incision completely around the lower torso. This allows re-suspension of the lateral and anterior thighs along with the traditional tummy tuck improvements. Given the substantial impact on the body of this procedure, it may be conducted in more than one operation. Many people find this procedure a key part of getting the cosmetic and lifestyle benefits they sought when losing large amounts of weight.

Other elements of body lifting include breast reductions and lifts. Some patients also choose to have arm and thigh lifts, which we only offer for patients as part of an overall body lifting approach.

In most cases, our surgeons will stage your total transformation to ensure optimal recovery from each procedure.

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Key Points

Lower body lift (circumferential lower body lift – abdomen and back)

  • Privately Insured $22,000 – 25,000. This range includes the surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist’s fee, hospital stay and garment.
  • No Insurance – This procedure is not recommended for patients without private insurance, as there is a high risk of an extended hospital stay. We recommended seeking an appropriate private health insurance plan if this procedure would benefit you.

Arm lift

Privately insured: $11,500. Uninsured:  $18,000

Thigh lift

Privately insured: $10,500 – 12,500. Uninsured: from $18,000


Note about insurance: some funds do not cover these procedures as the categorise them as “obesity surgery”. You must check with your fund in advance and if you aren’t covered, consider a new fund.

Under General Anaesthetic in hospital

Lower body lift: Up to ten nights stay

Arm lift: two nights stay

Lower body lift

• Four weeks off work
• Garment for 6 weeks and bruising and swelling for four weeks

Arm lift

  • Two weeks off work
  • Bruising and swelling for up to four weeks
  • Garment for 6 weeks


Lower body lift: Yes, Medicare Item No. 30177, 30171

Arm lift: Yes, Medicare Item No. 30171 x2

Dr Nicholas Moncrieff

“You have done all the hard work but probably still feel there is more to happen. Let us help you on that last part of your weight loss journey by removing the excess skin and tissue so you feel motivated to stay fit and health forever.”