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Vectra breast photo simulation – the top 5 questions

Considering breast augmentation or reduction?

Our Vectra photo simulation service is one of our most popular services for people looking at breast surgery. We are asked so many questions about it, so thought we you might be interested in our answers to the top 5 Vectra questions:


1 – What happens at my Vectra appointment?

Jessica, our Patient Manager who has worked with Dr Moncrieff for 7 years, talks to you about what you are trying to achieve. She will then ask you to undress from the waist up in our private Vectra room and she will take a 3D photo of your chest.

After popping your clothes back on, Jessica will run through a variety of implant options that the Vectra software recommends for your size and shape. You get to see these from every angle as your 3D photo can be fully rotated. An example of what you get to see on the screen is here.

Importantly, you do not have to place your breasts in the machine – it isn’t a mammogram!


2 – Can I look at real implants on the day too?

Absolutely! We have a full range of all the most popular options so you can see it in the simulation then try on the sizes you like the most in real life.


3 – Does it work for breast reductions and lifts too?

Yes! It can show the overall reduction in volume, but many patients find their actual result is even better as the Vectra can’t full simulate the lift and reshaping that Dr Moncrieff achieves in surgery.


4 – How much does it cost?

A Vectra simulation at Hunter Plastic Surgery is only $50. If you decide that you want to proceed to a consultation with Dr Moncrieff, that $50 is credited towards his $250 consultation fee.


5 – If I have a Vectra, how soon can I book in for surgery?

The next step is a consultation with Dr Moncrieff who is generally booked ahead 4-6 weeks. However, Jessica has access to his diary and can get you in earlier in many cases.

In terms of surgical dates, again, Dr Moncrieff generally books two months ahead, but if you have a Vectra and want to secure a date in advance, you can do so by paying a $500 refundable holding fee.


You can book your Vectra simulation by calling 4920 7700 or sending us a message via the contact form below.

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